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Chinese Enrichment

Bilingualism can help with young children's executive control, short term and long term memory, comprehension level, reading skills, and higher self-esteem. ----Bialystok, E.

For kids who are in Chinese Immersion Programs in Utah public systems, Yu Wen offers Chinese enrichment programs to level up students Chinese skills. With prepared materials, students who come study at Yu Wen can boost listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Teachers at Yu Wen will use designated materials to read, discuss, and write with students. During the session, teachers at Yu Wen can boost students four skills- listening, reading, writing, and speaking- and offer sufficient opportunities for students to use the target language in an authentic setting.

For kids who are not in Chinese Immersion Program but interested in learning Chinese as a second language, Yu Wen offers the programs for Chinese learners to ensure students can be fluent in Chinese to communicate with Chinese speakers and literary in Chinese as well. Besides, Yu Wen will offer plenty Chinese learning opportunities for kids to meet their peers who are fluent in Chinese to make sure the language learning process is fun and engaging! 

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