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Chinese AP Preparation

Devoted 12 years to learn Chinese from first Grade to high school to learn Chinese, most students are looking forward to take Chinese Advanced Placement (AP) to get college credits. According to Utah State Board of Education analysis of  College Board data. the national average pass rate of 55.9 percent, which means only 1 of 2 students will be able to pass the AP exams in the country. Hence, there is a strong reason to prepare your kids in advance! 

Yu Wen knows Chinese AP test really well, and Yu Wen offers students Chinese AP prepared materials to get students fully ready to take Chinese AP exam. The passing rate of Chinese AP at Yu Wen is guaranteed! If the student did not pass the AP for any reasons, Yu Wen will offer next year AP prep course for free. 


Mrs Dou brought my son from a 6th grade level to passing the AP exam in one year. I have personally observed private sessions and group lessons and have been amazed how she can engage kids with her witty and inclusive style. I am thrilled for her to be able to reach more kids and adults through the Yu Wen Chinese Language Center and make learning Mandarin Chinese a fabulous experience for all! 


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