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The First Exclusive Chinese Learning Center in Utah

Our Mission

Born from the needs of Chinese learning in the community and supports from local parents. From our founding, Yu Wen has been the only school of its kind in the Utah.

Quality Chinese Instruction for All Ages

Welcome to Yu Wen Chinese Learning Center—your neighborhood Chinese learning center that responds to the needs of Chinese learning in our community. Our Center offers all types of Chinese teaching services including Preschool, adult beginner lessons, extracurricular learning, enrichments, High School AP prep, homework help, exclusive one on one tutoring, and so on. Our experienced Chinese tutors utilize our teaching materials and techniques to deliver a customized learning plan designed to address each student's needs, whether they started out far behind or are already ahead in Chinese learning. Our instruction approach goes beyond traditional Chinese tutoring to develop a consistent Chinese learning system and build a love for the Chinese language. 

Chinese Learning for kids under 4

For children who want to learn Chinese during preschool, Yu Wen Chinese Learning Center offers Chinese early immersion sessions to cultivate toddlers and young kids' Chinese learning skills and speaking-listening activities with systematic vocabulary and sentence lessons through fun loving activities.

Chinese Learning for Adults

For adults who are interested to start to learn Chinese, Yu Wen Chinese Learning Center has a full system to teach adults Chinese as well as specific topics such as religion, business, helping parents support children in the immersion program, and to meet all the Chinese learning needs of adult learners.

Chinese Enrichment

For children who are learning Chinese at schools or at homes, Yu Wen Chinese Learning Center offers Chinese Enrichment lessons and extracurricular activities to boost children's Chinese usage and offer authentic Chinese learning experiences.

Chinese Homework Support

Students in Utah Chinese Immersion programs have Chinese homework in difficult  topics and subjects such as math, science, social studies, etc. At Yu Wen CLC, we are dedicated to help your child excel in every subject, finish their homework, and truly enjoy learning Chinese.  

Chinese AP Preparation

For students who have learned Chinese for 9 to 10 years and ready to take the Chinese AP exam in high school, Yu Wen Chinese Learning Center offers effective  Chinese AP prep and intensive Chinese AP practice to ensure students are confidently passing this challenging exam.

Chinese Exclusive One on One Tutoring

For students who have special requirements, need accommodations, or extra learning hours, Yu Wen Chinese Learning Center offers exclusive one-on-one tutoring sessions to meet all types of students' needs.


Mrs. Dou and her methods have drastically improved my children’s Mandarin Chinese these last two years. She creates a loving, happy and fun learning environment which children thrive in and consequently they retain much more of what they learn. She has experience teaching all grades and understands the Utah Mandarin Imersion curriculum. She has been both my childrens’ teacher and tutor during COVID and brought my son from a 6th grade level to passing the AP exam in one year. I have personally observed private sessions and group lessons and have been amazed how she can engage kids with her witty and inclusive style. I am thrilled for her to be able to reach more kids and adults through the Yu Wen Chinese Language Center and make learning Mandarin Chinese a fabulous experience for all! 

Amelia Hohls

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